The Certified Managerial Program

Are you stuck between a rock and a hard place in managing people? Don’t worry we get you

Pressure from top, dissatisfaction from the bottom and you are caught  right in the middle.

Is there a way out of this conundrum? YES THERE IS!

The aim of this certification programme is to provide managerial level personnel (Managers, Supervisors, potential Supervisors, and Professional Level Staff) with skills and knowledge required to effectively carry out their responsibilities. The programme develops a personal awareness, as well as an awareness of the human resources, activities, and management issues involved in achieving results in a challenging and dynamic work environment. The programme further focuses on developing skills through practical activities such as structured exercises, group discussions and case studies. It concentrates on the leadership actions for developing a team but also includes the key management  skills of decision making, problem solving, performance analysis, conflict management , motivation and presentation.

Certification of Competence by Prestigious Institution

Get certified today & stand out as a professional manager!