Effective Defensive Driving

Light Vehicle & Basic 4x4


521,446. This is the total number of road accidents recorded last year with 7,152 fatalities on the same Malaysian Road we all share. From this, 80.6% of road accidents are caused by human error.”

Babulal, V. (2016). Number of fatal road accidents up in 2016, more than 7,000 lives lost. Kuala Lumpur: News Straits Times.


This shows that with the right training and willingness to change our driving behavior and habits, we can make Malaysian roads safer for everyone in your organization.

Vehicle personnel of your organization is carrying a large responsibility to deliver and transport products as well as other personnel safely to ensure the smooth running of daily operations at project execution sites or to the office.

This program will equip your personnel with the knowledge and understanding in identifying potential road hazards and how to safely steer clear from them. At the same time, drivers can improve their skills and minimise on-the-road negligence behaviors while carrying out their various duties on the road.



  • How to enable drivers to drive defensively using specific techniques (on road, off-road)
  • Achieve crash-free driving by identifying driving errors.
  • To improve driving mindsets and behaviors

Who Would Greatly Benefit?

Companies with a fleet of vehicles should equip their designated employees-drivers with the right habits, attitudes, systems and techniques while on the job on the road.

Young, as well as seasoned drivers, will find this training a great eye-opener!

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