Training Provider

What is training? Training is defined as acquiring specific skills to become qualified and proficient, so that one can perform a job better.  Proper training is therefore vital for an organisation to achieve its full potential in this highly competitive world.

All organisations will need to provide and facilitate the learning process through training so that employees, through their modified behaviour as a desired result of training, can contribute to achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives.

Role Of Training Provider

Training Provider has the high vocation of providing quality training process, of teaching, informing, or educating people so that

  • They may become as well qualified as possible to do their job,
  • They become qualified to perform in positions of greater difficulty and responsibility.

Training Provider – Training or Education?

What is the marked difference between education and training?  These two essentially constitute the two ends of a continuum of personnel development,  which is general education and specific training.

Training is concerned with those activities which are designed to help acquiring skills and improve human performance on the job that employees are at present doing or are being hired to do.

Education is fundamentally concerned with increasing general knowledge and understanding of the total environment.  Education is the development of the human mind, and it increases the powers of observation, analysis, integration, understanding, decision making, and adjustment to new situations.


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Training Provider Helps Ask Key Questions

As an organisation or company key persons, you need to ask yourself:

  1. What are the training objectives for my employees?
  2. What training process do I need to look into?
  3. What kind of training provider and training programs best suit my organisation or company?
  4. Is the training provider merely providing the training process or part of my company total organisational development?

Together with the preferred Training Provider, you will need to determine the objectives of training.  Your preferred Training Provider will help you plan the training program and look into the training process.  The next task is to select and in some case develop the training programs.  As the preferred Training Provider, we will like to be part of your company total organisational development and see  through the implementation of your training program.


Process of Training

The process of training are Analysis, Design, Develop and then Implement. In each process, the Training Provider is fully aware of the necessity of Evaluation constantly.

Training Provider

Analysis is the process of assessing the overall organisational current performance and uncover the gap in the skills of your organisation. It involves assessment of the perceived gap between how your various departments performs and what your business expects from them. Individual employees should also undergo assessment to identify which areas of competence they need to work on the most in their current jobs.
Together with the Training Provider, the organisation will prioritise the areas of improvement needed as a result of the assessment.  The role of the Training Provider is to look at how much the organisation need to change, not just how well they are doing.   He can then structure training programs specifically to address the gaps and improve the skills.
The Training Provider looks into the needs assessment and goals and objectives of the organization, prepare the structure and content of the training programs.  Rather than re-inventing the wheel, many of the existing programs and offered courses can be adopt and adapt to the situation.  the task of the Training Provider is then to look into the training methods, the logistics, the facilitators and trainers and the general setup of training workshops and seminars.
Implement means transfer of training to workplace, which may be defined as the degree to which trainees apply to their jobs the knowledge, skills, behaviours, and attitudes they gained in training.   The biggest challenge in training is the transfer of the skills and information learned in the training to the work place.  An effective Training Provider advises the organisation in the process of selection of employees for training, paying specific attention to trainees’ attributes, attitudes and intelligence.  The training program design and delivery plays an integral part in the training process while the workplace environment provide the key link to the transfer process.
A vital part of training is in the evaluation of the effectiveness of the training programs.  The questions that need to be asked:

  • How well the training program met the learner’s needs and objectives
  • What knowledge and skills it has imparted to learners
  • What desirable change it has brought in the learners’ performance
  • What organisational benefits it has yielded
These are important for the measurement of Return of Investment and the planning of future training based on actual results and effectiveness of current training.

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