The Ultimate ABCD Admin Professional Conference 2018


MRS annual admin professional event is now back!

 For 29 years, MRS has been structuring seminars and conferences to carry administrative professionals above and beyond their current roles.

The Call of Duty” is an expression that comes from the military, and the term “to go Above and Beyond” back then was used as an honorable address for the soldiers who went out of their way to protect their country and comrades. Today, it is used to refer to people in the workforce.

Wrapping fresh topics around our main theme, we encourage you to come and experience what it truly means to go above and beyond your job and reap the overflowing benefits of this annual conference not only in the workplace but also in your personal aptitude.

At the end of this Conference, Admin Professionals will: 

  • Adopt a ABCD Attitude & propel in your career
  • Possess a range of leadership skills for personal empowerment
  • Unlock techniques of speed reading with mind power
  • Gain net-building skill to yield returns for you and your organization
  • Understand digital changes to Collaborate with clients & colleagues
  • Learn Nutrition, Fitness & Stress Tips for harmonious work-life integration

Who Should Attend?

  • Any Admin Personnel & Executives who wishes to push their boundaries & reach for the stars!

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