Handling Misconduct, Disciplinary Procedure & Actions

Necessary Prior to Termination of Employees


Misconduct is a wrongful act with intention on the part of the employee. It relates to conduct which is inconsistent with the discharge of the employee’s duties and includes error and omission.Misconduct, when reported, remains an allegation until proven. The Company has to prove the misconduct on a balance of probabilities.

It is therefore imperative that disciplinary action is properly carried out to ensure that action (s) taken including termination do not lead to costly legal costs, challenge on time and resources of not only the employer but also the employee and Union.


  • Understand what is misconduct, types of misconduct and the impact of condonation.
  • Learn importance of having a comprehensive set of rules and procedures in handling misconduct.
  • Learn how to terminate poor performing employees and probationers.
  • Understand other forms of terminations – retrenchment, downsizing, redundancy, relocation.
  • Understand what is a Domestic Inquiry (D.I), how to conduct it and importance of proper conduct of D.I.
  • Learn how poorly handled termination lead to financial loss, dented image of organization and impact industrial relations in the Company.


  • Online pre-training exercise
  • Pre-Test & Post-Test
  • Multimedia Presentation
  • Interactive Lectures
  • Group Discussion & Presentation
  • Quiz
  • Case Law References (where appropriate)

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