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As an administrative professional, the ability to use Mind Maps goes beyond note-taking. It will help you to stay focus, identify issues and resolve problems most effectively. It helps to capture thoughts and bring them to life in visual form. Additionally, it helps to manage workload, plan presentations as well as gives a clear overview of complex situations and takes the stress out from demanding obligations. It further allows you to take stock of a bigger picture, i.e. a helicopter view before zooming and breaking down challenges to actionable and workable solutions.

At the same time, power up with a new skill on speed reading so you are in full control of your world of information and knowledge as it helps you to be selective in filtering salient points from gibberish.


At the end of this power-packed one-day workshop, participants will:

  • appreciate ways to unleash or maximise creativity via mind mapping and speed reading
  • employ simple ways to think visually and engage helicopter view in their everyday tasks
  • employ speed reading in filtering information
  • be more effective and creative at work

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