Effective Filing, Record & Office Management Skills


The effectiveness of an organisation can be seen in the up keeping of company’s records and information. This is one of the crucial roles by clerical and administrative staff. The resources in terms of systems and procedures ensure proper control and efficiency in the office. This workshop will equip participants with the skills, knowledge and attitude vital to the successful filing, record management and office skills.



  • Understand the importance and purpose of today’s office management;
  • Discover the dynamics of the activities involved in today’s office management and their respective role;
  • Understand the importance of an effective filing system and records management system;
  • Improvise in organising the files and records of an organisation more systematically and efficiently;
  • Increase the efficiency in processing records and files in respect of arrangement, keeping, filing, retrieving, maintaining and disposing of records;
  • To apply 5S in record management and
  • Bring added value to the organisation through constant innovative initiatives as action plan and goals for success.



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Effective filing record & amp; office management skills

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