“Motivated me to be more aware of others’ emotions and how to become a leader.”
– Suzie Kana
“I learned a lot on the management skills and would definitely apply the skills in my work”
Florence Lasam
“This workshop has given me more knowledge and has a fun learning together.”
– Norfadillah
“Will definitely recommend for young people who are new to workforce, it has been truly enjoyable and definite benefit in work & personal life.”
Julia Seong


“Highly recommended to all industry’s players which are related to Health and Safety (especially tourism player). Itis a must to attend. Try not to miss the opportunity given by Mr. Selva Kumar.”
– Timothy Roy Ang
“The overall course is very good for an exposure.
– Abang Mohd Tahir
“This is an excellent introductory course to Health and safety training for different aspect of industries. Mr. T.Selva Kumar is an excellent facilitator.
– Yii Tieng Seng
“Mind opener for safety issues and I learned how to prevent as well as to control them.
– Andrew Kho Jen Siang
“From this programme, I learned how to reduce risk, hazard, danger, etc duting working activities onsite.
– Chua Kiong Hing
“A very enlightening course, I definitely will recommend it to my boss.
– Stewart Gani
“It is interesting to learn something new and valuable that gives you high awareness on the safety & healthissues.
– Siti Aida Supinah
“This training has made me more aware about the hazards at my workplace and how to manage / prevent accidents fromhappening.
Theresa Wong Pui Wan
“This subject on OHS is good and should be enforced to make it mandatory to all businesses.
Thung Sai Yeng
“It was a good learning about OSHA in our workplace.
Wan Norisham
“A very good learning experience / knowledge which can be applied into my workplace.
Foo Huat Yong
“Met expectations on matter of subject.
– Jullian Sultan

“After attending this workshop, I know the systematic approach to do audit.”
– Fabian
“Know overall and gain knowledge about OHS AuditTraining.”
Roland Le

“This training broadens my knowledge into auditing skills and the basis to become an auditor which is useful in myorganisation.”– Muralitharan  “A practical training that gives better understanding and practical knowledge.”Mohamad Ramli  “The training broadens my knowledge and experience for the audit.”Nasrul Azli

“Give me more experience and get to know each other.”
– Norharzaliza
“Excellent and I get more experience.”
Roland Le
“The class was fun and we did have a lot of sharing. Mr Krishnamoorthy gave lots of real examples that really benefit us.”
– Joana Wong Sze Mei
“Very valuable real life examples that every Corporate Communication Officer may come across and to learn from. Interesting course. Will surely benefit my job scope.”
– Lydia Soo Li Fang
“Mr Krishnamoorthy is a very nice person. I have learned a lot from him. He is the best and the most suitable facilitator for Media Relation’s course.”
– Noor Arwadina
“Very lively and exhilarating course I have ever attended.”
“Valuable lessons that help in our work as Press Officer.”
Tay Boon Pang
“Mr. Krishnamoorthy brings along with him vast experience that no money can buy. His articulation in conducting this course really lives up to any expectation.”
Mohd. Azmi
“Relevant and informative. Lecturer had experience and was able to share his real life experience.”
Angelina Bateman
“Gave me a better view of principle of strategic engagement, social intelligence, essential secretarial attributes and skills and also good relationship management.”
Lau Sui Ching
“I am grateful for attending this workshop. It increased my confidence and motivated me to work harder and smarter. Thank You MRS.”
Nurul Akmar
“In a nutshell, this workshop is beneficial and has enhanced my knowledge and skills in order to be a dynamic Executive Secretary in the future.”
– Chong Wai Li
“The message of entire learning was delivered and excellently guided me to improve in term of PR.”
-Daisy James
“Dapat mengenalpasti tujuan kerjaya dan dapat menangani serta meningkatkan sikap optimistik dan motivasi diri.”
Nur Faizah
“Dapat meningkatkan EQ saya iaitu dengan mengetahui car
em/em/em/tablea bagaimana untuk menguruskan EQ dengan lebih baik lagi selepas menghadiri kursus ini.”
“Sangat bagus! Sangat efektif untuk diimplementasikan selepas menghadiri kursus ini.”
– Norsham Safiah
“Baik dan memuaskan, menepati apa yang diharapkan dan secara tidak langsung dapat meningkatkan keyakinan diri saya.”
– Norasekin Arifin
“Great! Good eye opener. Reminded myself that ‘My time is short’.”
– Ivy Kueh Yeng Chuo
“Fantastic! A lot of things to learn for a better experience and career improvement. Thank you very much.”
Florence Hangit Umek
“Good eye opener, get to learn new ways to manage time wisely for work or personal time.”
Lilian Lo
“Learned quite a lot of new things to improve on my time management skills. Besides that, I also learned about personal growth that is applicable in life.”
Melissa Thang
“Able to differentiate various types of urgent and important tasks to be accomplished and learned some great tools for time management to be improved at my workplace.”
Voon Chai Yoon
“Trainer is a great speaker. I can easily understand through his explanation. I have learned many things from this programme.”
Lee Su Fui
“Overall it was a very entertaining with a lot of materials and activities which I have learned and increased my interviewing competency skills.”
Anthony Ung Sing Hua
“Overall, I’m enjoying the training and I had learned a lot and met new friends. The way that the training had been conducted was different from the training I had attended before. An interesting training programme.”
Chia Yii Yun
“Good tips in interviewing skills.”
Noor Azmah
“It was good to have a refresher course and have current interview methods.”
– Adeliyn Lim Li Hui
“Easier to grasp the concept of change and how to implement it effectively.”
Elsa Iyok James
“Good course and informative.”
– Yee Teck Guan
“Fun, beneficial and memorable.”
“Full of fun. I feel energised & fully understand what our organisation is undergoing now, which is transformation.”
Evey Dolly
“The presenter showed a lot of enthusiasm and experiences in leading changes.”
Chau Yeng Khai
“It makes me realize that the CHANGE must from within you. Admit the weakness in yourself and change.”
“It was the most interesting training session I have ever attended. The teaching & ideas were really internalised through case study & role play.”
Wang Boi Hua
“A wonderful experience during the two days session because the course structure was well balanced between lectures and class participation.”
Freda Aggan
“I am very satisfied with the training, more knowledge on how to handle negative issues on changing situation.”
“A good insight into how Malaysian culture impacts change efforts.”
Russell Owens
“Excellent, it would be good if the whole management team attend this course as well, how I wish.”
Mohamad Ismail
“I am very happy if my management team could join in this course, learn and start to change together.”
“The role play was fantastic and heaps of fun. Overall, I enjoyed the entire course.”
Syed Anas Alhabshi
“Useful for project team before implementation of a project.”
“HIRADC is a very useful course to be applied at workplace and the trainer is well-versed in delivering the course.”
– Mohamad Widya
“It will enhance my knowledge with regard to my duties in safety and health.”
Anai Rajau
“Good exposure.”
Lau Yih Bing
“I learn how to change my question style in order to get more participation and feedback from staff.”
Debby Amrini
“Overall is excellent and good for me. Useful in my daily work.”
Hamidah Ismail
“Good practical methods and diagnosis are incorporated in the training.”
Ting Yieng Sing
“This is a very practical and interesting course which I can apply my job to improve my supervising skills in my company.”
Voon Chai Yoon
“I am more confident to work. I learned more knowledge in leadership and supervisory skills to improve my performance after attending this course.”
Stanley Nyipa
“Since I’m still new in this field and start as a supervisor without knowledge in supervision, this workshop really opened my eyes in terms of my job. Thank you so much.”
Zianzilyana Desmond
“I can enhance and practice this new skills and excellent techniques into my daily planning towards achieving the company’s goals and objectives.”
“Excellent! Hope that there is more time. Should be minimum a week to learn leadership effectively.”
“Very excellent course to attend. I have learned a lot of knowledge from this course.”
Caroline Tara
“This is an interesting course to attend. The facilitator is very passionate and knowledgeable on this area.”
Nicole Tan
“Good for my career development. I will adopt and promote this course to my supervisor and friends.”
“It helps to enhance my leadership skills at workplace.”
Chai Ai Na
“This workshop is very helpful to improve my supervisory skills.”
“This course is good for all supervisors to attend.”
“Kursus ini menambah pengetahuan.”
Tuan Haji Abdul Hakim
“This workshop is very useful to my daily works and if possible extend the course duration to 3 days.”
“It taught me a lot about supervisory skill and would help me in current job in the future.”
Adibah Abdul Halim
“Good for all people and try to expand it to secondary or primary school in order to give them exposure to be a quality person.”
Mohamad Majnu Bisel
“This workshop helps me to improve my leadership and coaching knowledge and skills at my workplace especially to my staff.”
Abang Bikusary
“Useful tips which can be immediately used for evaluation of my staff. Good short session.”
Agatha Lau Nguok Sing
“This is one of the workshops that provides a lot of information pertaining to office management which eventually can lead to good performance management in organisation.”
M. Kumara Guruparan
“The workshop really gave me such a good knowledge and I will definitely try to do some changes and improve my organisation’s filing management system. Good interactive course with two way communication with the participants.”
“I’ve learned a lot of knowledge. The facilitator was very good.”
Suziyla Bakir
“Interesting & good exposure of information.”
Vijaya Sundramoorthy
“It gave me a better view and understanding of effective filing, record and office management skills.”
“Very interesting and happening workshop that I have ever had. Good for clerks to gain their knowledge in the filing system.”
Abdullah Hamden
“It enhances my knowledge on the secretary roles and it is very useful in order to improve my skills and credibility.”
“Interesting participation from the group with valuable insight on different filing methods. A lively facilitator.”
Cindy Soon
“This course inspires me to improve our current filing system and come out with 5S filing system. By the way, we enjoyed this course very much.”
Nur Ain Safiya Jessica Kam Abdullah
“Gave me a lot of new knowledge and at the same time we learned to help each other in solving the problems of filing, record and office management skills.”
“Indeed is praiseworthy. I enjoyed the course a lot. We even danced around to emit our joyous excitement due to our excellent lecturer.”
Lai Nyet Fah
“I have gained more new knowledge regarding office skills to adopt at my workplace.”
Tai Chiew Khuih
“I am able to share knowledge with other companies.”
Marilyn S. Montallana
“I have learned a lot about the filing system. Thanks to my group-mates and Ms. Irene for teaching me so much knowledge. Hope I can do better in the future.”
Beryl Goh Tze Chee
“I have gained good knowledge to improve my filing skills and office management.”
Norazlinda Yahya
“This workshop had improved myself to be a good worker in filing record & office management skills.”
Siti Nurfarizan
This course is excellent and it was presented in a neat, clear and easy to understand manner. Furthermore, the facilitator is good and able to attract interest among participants.”
Muhammad Hazwan
I have learned something new and a lot about filing and office management skill. Thank you to innovative Irene because she had taught me.”
This workshop had improved my office management skills a lot and it was a very good workshop.
Desi Aftika
“It was a good workshop that contains a lot of information that have been shared within the group with a help from the professional trainer.”
Mohd Firdaus
“This workshop is very superb. We are sharing and having a lot of information and very enjoyable too. Good job MRS. Hopefully MRS have this workshop again next time.”
“It was a fun learning workshop!”
Roslina Aloysius Abdullah
“An excellent workshop, the knowledge I gained from this course can be used to improve my administrative duties.”
Mohd Shaiful Rizhwan
“I have learned many things from this course. I will definitely adopt all the techniques and methods presented in this course. The most important thing when you shared your experience with others, it opens up my eyes on other people.”
Marzalina Yusuf
“Gained clearer understanding on effectiveness of filing.”
Nor Syairah Bt Abdullah
“Great! I really enjoyed this workshop and gained valuable experience and knowledge.”
Aiza Farzah
“Interesting and a good course to attend.”
Wan Jasmin
“I’ve gained a lot knowledge and experience within the course attended and now I love to work in better team work.”
Siti Fatimah
“I learned and gained information that I can apply to my work even though I’m multitasking.Thanks Irene. You are the best facilitator.”
Mary Nona
“Irene is a good facilitator on this.”
Then Hui Ping
“I have learned and gained a lot of information regarding filing system that I can apply to my working place.”
Siti Shakina
“It was a fun and good learning course which won’t bore you. Really break my mind on the course image.”
Lim Yian Meng
“The best training ever..!!.”
“I learned more and meet new friends from different companies. I really can’t forget this wonderful training and salute the trainer motivation and training.”
Ratna Ramasamy
It is an excellent workshop.”
Liew Nyek Yia
I had learned a lot of new things and I also exchange ideas with other companys too.”
Noveena Tanot
“Interesting workshop with additional tools to carry out daily duties quickly and efficiently.”
Jimmy Chen Beng Teck
“I’ve found that mind maps are very useful for personal use, company’s use and for accounts.
Lim Bee Hiok
“Mind mapping is a very helpful skill to be used in the workplace as well as for personal to summarise/organise notes/thoughts into one page. Also, very useful for students in helping them to remember what they learnt in a short period of time.”
Lai Siew Chin
“I enjoyed learning new technique and benefited from it.”
Chan See Ting
” Inspiring. A very good and practical tool for work and other aspects of life. Definitely worth the money and time to invest.”
Rachel Ang
” I’ve learned something new. This course is totally different from previous courses that I have ever attended which is useful not only for work but for daily life.”
Raja Suria
“Fantastic! This programme is very useful and knowledgeable for me as an Executive Secretary in order to improve my credibility & communication skills. Dr. Meyer also gives me some tips on how to be a successful Secretary and always be a positive person.”
“I am satisfied with the way Dr. Meyer is handling this course. I will make full use of what I have learnt.”

Sangeetha Kalaichelvam

“It really helped me in certain areas and improved my understanding and knowledge to work more professionally.”

Celine Loh

“Gain valuable knowledge regarding how to handle relationship among bosses & colleague.”
Christina Sylvester
“Many practical experiences shared in the class that makes this programme interesting and I am able to learn from all tips and techniques.”
Josephine Tan
” I never thought of a ‘strategic’ practice to be learn and alerted in this secretary sector. It enhances my knowledge.”
Chuo Chew Fung
“I have learnt how to develop self-motivation, professionalism strategic and management skills.”
Mavis Leong Wai Sum
“From this course I have learned how to be a good secretary in the future.”
“What I have learned from this workshop are: (i) take one day at a time and make it a good day, and (ii) keep upgrading and updating your mind.”
Susan Lee
“I learned more on human relation, leadership, communication and how to tackle or handle hard situation. This programme combines motivation aside from our daily routine job and it is a good programme for others.”
Cecelia Jemat
“I had learnt a lot from Dr. Meyer’s real life example and it’s useful and related to occupational environment not just to secretary. Thanks to Dr. Meyer. :-).”
Kaw Thien Thien
“Dr. Meyer meets my expectations!! Great input to have and practice in future.”
Siti Nurul Aisyah
“I can apply this training experience in my working style and improve the part that I need to improve.”
Anisah binti Ariffin
“This workshop is so informative and has such an experienced and knowledgeable facilitator (Dr. Meyer). Give me a lot of information and good examples for a secretary like me. Thank you.”
Liyana Ilanni
“I have gained valuable knowledge which will help me in certain areas to improve my credibility. Dr. Meyer is awesome!!..”
Zainon Mohd Jiran
“This workshop or programme had boosted my knowledge and I am aware what is required of me as an Executive Secretary.”
Nor Rafidah Rahmat
“I am a new comer in my current position and industry and I want to thank you Dr. Meyer for giving me brilliant ideas. It was really inspiring and it gives me clear insight on my goals and the scope of my job and what I’m supposed to be in my job.”
Nur Ziela
“Very good, informative & beneficial. Provides in-depth & practical issues that secretaries face every day.”
Nurul-Aini Ehsan
“It’s good to share more info, knowledge and even share experience to enhance interpersonal skill and value. It motivates myself to work smarter at my work place.”
Wan Norul Edlidza
“Dr. Meyer has the ability to understand clearly about our problems and concerns. He helped us by giving excellent advice on how to handle these problems.”
Zulinda Dadameah
“A very well presented case study.”
“Sangat bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan kebolehan dalam mengendalikan sesuatu tugas sebagai seorang pengurus/penguasa dalam sesebuah organisasi/unit.”
Yassin Muhammad
“Overall is good and it really helps me in my coaching. Thank you.”

Rosman Atan

“This course helps me to enhance my knowledge and skills.”

Mazlin Tendot

“Gain valuable knowledge regarding how to handle relationship among bosses & colleague.”
Christina Sylvester
“I realize that it is not easy to coach your subordinate. Need more skills and passion to be successful.”
“I am confident now to take a challenges as a section head in my department.”
“It really helps me a lot on how to coach rather than to instruct my subordinate..”
Syaidatul Nuraiza
“This programme is very practical and adaptable to any managerial responsibilities.”
“Seminar Setiausaha Hebat 2012 is really excellence with an excellent facilitator and suitable course materials. Trainer has done a good job!!.”
-Aizatul Ilina
“The speaker is very knowledgeable & participants are keen to apply in the workplace.”

– Norshuhada

“I’ve learned something new and a lot in this training. A lively facilitator, interesting and full of knowledge. A mind opener training. Thank you Dr. Tengku Naufal Tengku Mansor.”
“Saya merasa sangat bersemangat dan tidak sabar untuk memulakan tugas sebagai seorang Setiausaha yang Hebat! Terima kasih Dr. Tengku Naufal dan MRS.”
Nurul Akmar
“This training helps me to improve myself to be a good secretary.”
Rohaya Ramli
“A very good and motivating programme.”
Noor Liyana
“This workshop has different mindsets of thinking, turn the negative to the positive.”

Nor Syairah

“I had fun and precious knowledge during this two days course.”
Norazie Sakimin
“Good experience and I’ve learned all the secretarial tasks, characteristics and etc.”
Norfarah Adiba
“This workshop is refreshed and recalled my memories. Excellent.”
Joan Liew Lee Ching

“Good exposure and examples of sharing.”
“This workshop is good and related to work.”
Nazlin Alias
“This workshop is very refreshing.”
-Zuraidah Aqilah
“I have learned many other ways to listen actively, sharpen my leadership skills and being efficient and effective.”
Anastasia Clarissa
“I have enjoyed the event, fun and the topics are interesting and relevant.”
Lina Bujong
“I have learned how to handle my boss after this.”
Marleyanna Masli
“I have learned to be more efficient and effective at my work.”
Catherine Goh
“It was a good refresher course for experienced secretaries.”
Aina Muhaini
“It was a good training.”
Nor Fatiza Sazali
” This workshop is good.”
“It was good and very understandable. The concept reached me and it was good. Overall, it was an excellent learning session.”
Saraswathi Machap
“Very informative and joyful programme.”
“Fabulous training, it should be longer for the session so we can really practice it into our real life.”
Wan Adrina
“I can’t wait to go back to work and apply the things / topics that I’ve learned from this course.”
Decella Disin
“I enjoyed and learned useful knowledge from this course.”
Lim Mei Ling
“The facilitator captured me to understand more on the value of innovation to the organisation relating to the 3Ps (Passion, Potential, Purpose).”
Lau Sui Ching
“MRS facilitator is the best!.”
Jasmin Jimmy
“Sharpen my skills and be more confidence.”
Wendy Marthina
“A valuable course and I love it! A lot of stories and experiences sharing from trainer.”
Lok Pey Chyi
“I have learned more and sharpen my leadership to be more efficient and effective.”
Ivy Rosie Majanil
“This workshop is one of the best courses that I’ve attended with a very knowledgeable speaker. TQ.”
Tracelynn Peter
“I had marvellous time throughout the sessions. We had activities interacting among each other. I’ve reflected and refreshed myself (self-awareness) after this course. Thank you.”
Alicia Lau 
“This course has motivated me and stimulated my creative action/reaction and idea.”
Pamela James Daim
“This trainer is an experienced one and has a balanced thinking and opinions. I will be hoping to attend more of his courses.”
Bong Fong Thien 
“I feel so good for attending this course and I would like to introduce it to my colleague.”
Norfadillah Pabeli
“This workshop is beneficial to my personal life & work.”
Audrey Leong 
“This workshop gives me more input to develop my career.”
“It reflects myself in implementing the 10Qs in working environment, also at home as a daughter & eldest sister.”
Trixie Carlena Richard 
“This workshop is an interesting workshop because I’ve got clearly how powerful social media in this century.”
Chai Min Ching
“This workshop has exposed me to something new about Facebook. It helps me to enhance my knowledge on how we can make use of Facebook especially for marketing.”
Sharifah Salbiah
“This workshop is very good.”
“In general, it’s very interesting and entertaining. I have learned something new. The program is good with lots of information.”
Anthony Ung Sing Hua
“Overall, the training is interesting.”
Gloria Nyogin
“Useful & applicable.”
Dr. Ling Kwok Sung
“I get clearer picture on how negotiation process was going, step by step and I’m more confident now.”
– Angel Wong Yen Kuen
– Mustaza
“The most valuable aspect from this conference was gathering together and sharing knowledge.”
-Jenny Thomas

“Improved myself to handle bosses, be more positive & I know my weakness in my work.”
“It gives me the opportunity to recharge my energy from routine office work and at the same time I’m able to have my experience with other participants.”
“Valuable aspect of this conference is to get ideas on how to continue your role as a strategic partner to your boss in the organisation.”
– Josephine Tuyoi
“Get more knowledge and ideas to improve myself to be a better person and worker.”
– Nurul Ain
“Motivation to myself to be more committed and confident in the workplace.”
– Adriana
“Get more knowledge and very useful in our daily work to improve our skills.”
– Maligga
“Overall, the presentation met my satisfaction. I gained new & refreshed knowledge & met new friends
-Dayang Rauziana
“Applause to Dr.Henry R Meyer for a great and interesting facilitator. Satisfied with the way his handling this course.
– Emilyza Ramli
“Mr.Meyer was excellent because of his subject matters experts. But if audience can through a lot of as are more better because we can use it as our case study (as well as adapt it to our workplace).”
– Zuhani
“I have learnt the essence of an administrative professional in a humorous way.”
– Lee Yee Yie
“The ability to control and attract small group of audiences compare to yesterday talk. Great and related topics. Looking forward for his next session.”
– Siti Asiyahrazan

“The presenter is very clear and successful to understood. To recommend my other colleagues to attend this course.”
– Abdullah
“So much better than the course conducted during symposium. Good participant and interesting.”
– Cindy Tan Ruan Mey
“It’s a good course, easy to understand. The facilitator is very experienced and knowledgeable. The objective is clear and accurate.”
– Alia
“Kudos to Dr. Meyer!! Such a great and interesting facilitator. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from this course and definitely will apply to my routine work.”
– Azaliely Baharuddin
Well done Dr. Meyer! I am fully satisfied with your presentation and will definitely make full use of what I’ve learn here and share the knowledge with others in the office. Keep it up and thank you!
– Nurain
“Mr Mohan is a very entertaining, knowledgeable and brought up interesting topics.
– Norul Huzanna
“I enjoyed very much. The speaker is very much entertaining making learning fun.”
– Claira Simba Jasmy
“Excellent speaker, very motivating, beneficial and enjoyed the course.”
– Cymantha Sothiar
“It’s a very good course to build self confidence and improve my skills in Public Relations.”
– Fatimah
“I enjoy this course and please invite me for next seminar that relate in Public Relation. Thank you.”
– Norhidayu
“Facilitator very friendly and lot of tips he shares to us.”
– Romzi Mat
“The course was so interesting. The facilitator Nur Amirah Abdullah was a excellent speaker and knowledgeable.
– Roslin
“Berbaloi sebab boleh memajukan diri dan dapat dimanfaatkan semasa menjalankan aktiviti harian di tempat kerja.”
– Rosliza
“Kursus ini sangat berguna kepada semua kerana setiap hari kita sentiasa berhadapan dengan tekanan samada di rumah dan di tempat kerja.”
– Norhidayah
“Membuka minda saya dengan lebih terbuka mengenai pengurusan masa dan juga tekanan semasa di tempat kerja.
– Norita Pateni
“Overall was good,it helps me how to manage the time and control or handle my stress.”
– Norhazwani
“This course provides me more knowledge and I have gained more information about management issues.
– Mohd. Ibrahim
“This course is great and it meets my requirement or needs.”
–  Muhammad Azraf
“I like the “tips and tricks” given by the facilitator to manage the project management. I will try to apply it.”

– Sarifah Shalzariah
“Conceptual and fundamentals ingredients are learned on the stages via modules.
– Denio Kok
“This course is a very good workshop, comprehensive and enhance to improve my knowledge.
– Samsudin
“Broaden my knowledge on coaching & would apply in my workplace where necessary.”
– Nor Rafidah
“If I apply the coaching techniques given in my job, I will definitely be able to improve the performance of my staff & department.”
– Audrey Leong
“The programme would definitely help me in my working environment.
– Siti Rozeela
“It was a good and encouraging workshop. For sure, it will help me in my working skills.
– Kastury
“This workshop is very knowledgeable to me especially in minutes writing.”
– Nur Zalilah
“Awesome!! I have learned more about EQ & Office Administrative Skills clearly. I believe it will help me to improve much better than before. From this course also I found that EQ is powerful to influence our daily life. Will implemented it in my work.”
– Sharifah Salbiah
“I gained an experience from this workshop and be more knowledgeable.
– Zakiyah
“I have learned new format for minute writing and help me to improve myself much better than before.
– Momy
“Give me an idea on “Kaizen” and be a good employee. How to manage and recognize EQ & Administrative Skills. Last but not least pray to God to be a better person in future.
– Kamsiah
“I have learned to be more a tolerant person not only in office but also at home too.
– Maudreen Yap
“Teach me that EQ is important in our life in order to be a successful person.
– Anonymous
“Improve my understanding on how to deal with various generations in my work place.
– Vincent Sawat
“Very good to be used at work since I am the generation X to bridge the gap between boomers and generation Y.”
– Ahmad Zawawi
“More understanding regarding the generation gap.”
– Lee Ke Lie
“It serves a good time well spent to dig deep about other generations thoughts and mindsets on things. Other generation might think differently.
– Robin Teo
“It is a good course especially for those dealing in negotiation works for example sales, contract and committee.
– Abdul Kadir Zainuddin
“As a beginner, this is very helpful as it gives a simplified view of the scope of program management and what it involves: the technicality and the man management.
– Khairil Safwan
“Excellent way to learn from a person that has mastered and experienced first hand the project management environment.”
– Syed Muhamad Hanif
“It has provided me with a better structured understanding to manage projects.”
– Hj. Sazali
“This is my first time in project management training, very useful and good exposure. Need more similar training to enhance my knowledge.
– Muzilin
“Managing project to a more in-depth level.
– Abd Rahim
“The course is beneficial, useful and applicable to my organisation.
– Ignatius Chong
“Useful course for officers involved in project implementation.
– Nicholas Teo
“Approachable facilitator & course included a good portion of people skills.
– Andrea Mathew
“I learnt that private sectors are facing very challenging employee issues as they engage foreign employees compare to government sectors, and this is a new general information and sharing experience among participants from different background.
– Norliza Nawawi
“Given a lot of guidance & examples that are useful to enhance the company rules & regulations.”
– Kay, Chong Pei Shan
“It is an important training to open our mind on how to handle employee issues in a correct way regardless it is a local or foreign employee.”
– Cous Nyadang
“It had opened my eyes and I understand the problems that happen in our company also happen in other companies. Able to share the issues and find a solution or proper advise from other participants.
– Lilian Tang Yung Lian
“Very good & useful training for Human Resource knowledge.
– Wong Siet Kiaw
“After the workshop, I am quipped with the knowledge & ideas of managing the Common Employee Issue and can’t hardly wait to apply this knowledge & ideas to enhance the HR system in my workplace.
– Felicia Chung Yee Wei
“This was one of the best workshops I have attended. The level & nature of participation was simply exceptional, concrete exercise, concrete sample, excellent analysis & feedback from Ms. Nur Amirah.
– Alpha Manik Malip
“Quite interesting, I’ve learned a lot of knowledge about how to handle and solve the employee issues, thanks Ms. Nur Amirah!.
– Chai Shung Khiok
“Good and interesting. Can share creative ideas from other participants.
– Hamsiah Mustajir
“It is important to write an accurate minutes of meeting by active listening and understanding.”
– Cheryl Hoon
“I learned some new things and the course was well organised.”
– Clement anak Achui
“Being able to sharpen new ideas to improve on this topic.
– Nancy Eddy
“It’s good and I will join again if there is an opportunity.
– Amieratulatifah
“Able to brush up on minutes taking and record keeping in this refreshing course.
– Etheldreda Peter Jumel
“Program yang menarik & penceramah juga memberi fokus & isi yang padat kepada peserta. Boleh dimanfaatkan di tempat kerja.
– Marsitah
“Sangat bagus dan amat menggalakkan agar kursus sebegini dapat diteruskan pada masa-masa akan datang.”
– Norulaini
“Pengalaman yang bagus dan mendapat ilmu dalam kursus ini. Harap dapat mengikuti kursus ini lagi.”
– Siti Khadijah Jamani
“Kursus yang amat berguna dalam kerja harian membina kreativiti.
– Syaiful Bahari
“Semakin memahami mengenai sistem pengurusan pejabat.
– Rosli
“Gained something new and has polished my knowledge more about sales and marketing. Hope I can implement it in my workplace.
– Sharifah Salbiah
“A very good learning experience from Mr. Richard Chong, I’ve learned lots from his experience and his way of managing staffs.”
– Joseph Wong
“I think this is a good course and it gives me some confidence level to get into Sales/ Marketing job as well.”
– Mohd. Rosmin
“Very interesting course made even more interesting by a trainer who was enthusiastic about the topic.
– Steven Robinson
“Excellent course. Give me a lot of guidelines and ideas to move forward.
– Lee Sok Ying
“”Enlightening experience, looking at management with structured practices.”.
– Low Siow Kien
“Euthusiasm and passion of the trainer keeps the course lively and attractive.”
– Lim Teck Chuan
“”The knowledge may help in dealing with peers and subordinates.”.
– Moses Lee
“I gained invaluable knowledge on different management styles and the sharing sessions have helped me to reflect on my own practices.”
– Audrey Lim Bee Yoke