How to Write Winning Proposal

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There are various types of proposal such as business and sales proposal. In business proposal, the customer will take a risk to make a commitment to trust you as the person who can make their dreams come true. Meanwhile, sales proposal is the company’s offer to provide a good or a service to their potential client at a specified cost and at a specific time. The purpose of the proposal is to give an illustration on what you are offering to your clients. This will help you to achieve your business or sales target and know what your clients want.

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Tips for Writing a Winning Proposal

An Effective Proposal MUST ALLOW… Which is achieved by using…
Readers to skip and skim through the proposal Visual structuring of the proposal with concise preview and review sections
Both business and technical readers to use the same proposal Layered proposal, which present proposal features as client benefits
Readers to follow the reasoning Critical thinking to develop logical conclusions supported by the facts
Readers’ needs to be met An appreciation of reader types and perspective, to write for them
Presentation of clear alternatives and consequences Effective summaries and clearly presented critical information


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